Today, June 15th, Jimmy defends his thesis!

When: Wednesday, June 15th, 2022, 14 p.m. Where: Faculty of Science, Amphi G, Bld 28. Title: Design, Synthesis and Evaluation of Small Molecule Inhibitors of the Interleukin (IL)-15 System.  Abstract: Interleukin (IL)-15, is a pleiotropic cytokine structurally close to IL-2, both sharing the IL-2Rβ and γc receptor subunits. IL-15 plays important roles in innate and adaptative […]

New article published in Frontiers in Immunology!

The Mocka Lab just published a new article published in the Journal « Frontiers in Immunology » Selective Targeting of IL-15Rα Is Sufficient to Reduce Inflammation. Meghnem D., Maillasson M., Barbieux I., Morisseau S., Keita D., Jacques Y., Quéméner A., and Mortier E. Front. Immunol. 13:886213.

Our new research topic in Frontiers in Immunology has just been launched!

We are delighted to let you know that our new research topic « Modulating Cytokines as Treatment for Autoimmune Diseases and Cancer: Volume II » is now open for submission at the « Cytokines and Soluble Mediators in Immunity » section of Frontiers in Immunology! Topic Editors: Gaby Palmer (University of Geneva, Switzerland), Sheela Ramanathan (University of Sherbrooke, Canada) […]

Brivéla joins the Mocka Lab 😊

Brivéla is a Master 2 student from the University of Toulouse. She is going to work on understanding the dynamic of the formation of the IL-15 receptor. Welcome to our Lab!